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Contact Lens Wearers Urged To Switch Over To Glasses Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

Those that wear contact lenses might want to switch over to glasses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology, the umbrella organisation for eye doctors, released safety measures for the eyes, as evidence recommends that the unique coronavirus may be transmissible with the eyes, though it has not been conclusively proved so far. People are instructed to prevent scrubbing their eyes, touching their faces as well as touching surfaces that might have been exposed to the virus, as the virus may enter through the eyes, nose or mouth.
Individuals that wear contact lenses touch their eyes typically when putting on as well as removing contacts. They likewise often tend to touch their eyes as well as face regularly than others that don’t put on contact lenses.

“Some individuals are not very hygienic as well as may have neglected to initially clean their hands,” claimed a professional spokesman from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.
While professionals have claimed there’s still no definitive evidence that the coronavirus can go into through the eye, using glasses is thought about as a preventive measure to help avoid the illness.

Glasses can act as extra obstacles to safeguard you from the infection, although they’re not as reliable as goggles.
Furthermore, when trying to protect your glasses, it’s suggested to cover your fingers with a tissue as opposed to touching the glasses with your bare hands.
Those who continue putting on contact lenses need to clean their hands properly prior to and also after placing in or removing their contacts. The association also advised staying clear of contact with water while putting on the contact lenses, complying with orders from specialists pertaining to use of contacts and also cleaning or replacing contact lenses as well as containers routinely.

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