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12 Useful Tips & Pointers for First Time Contact Lens Wearers

For caring for contact lenses in a safe and problem-free way, you need to keep them clean and hygienic each and every time.

A few vital pointers for Contact Lens Wearers are:

1. Wash your contacts with the recommended contact lens solution or fluid given by your optician or optometrist (not saliva or water) after every use.

2. Do not massage, touch or scratch your eyes while you are wearing contact lenses.

3. Replace your contact lenses at a maximum of every 3 months.

4. Get regular eye examinations at your ophthalmologist or eye doctor.

5. Do not sleep with your contact lenses on.

6. Do not use your contact lenses for longer than the suggested hours for your particular lens as recommended by your optician.

7. Do not swim or bathe or come in contact with water while wearing contact lenses.

8. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your contact lenses.

9. Do not put eye drops while wearing contact lenses.

10. Be immensely careful with eye cosmetics while wearing contact lenses.

11. If you have not used the lenses for a few days, examine the instructions of your particular lens, whether you require to re-disinfect them before again using them.

12. Do not put on contact lenses that have been unused for more than 25-30 days without re-disinfecting them.

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